Thursday, December 10, 2009

Quiet and calm

It's that time of the quarter when we at Thaw HQ get to actually take a little breather, and are not so insane. Phew.  We had a very busy few weeks there, where it was almost like we would never make it out the other end alive.  So many last minute things to do, before we went to print, that lead to children being bribed with promises of camping trips, chocolates, lunches out and playdates, just so we could concentrate where we needed to.  Rohan and I realised that we haven't really progressed from those uni days of leaving things to the last minute.  I don't know that we ever will.  I think we both work better under pressure. Thankfully, now that it is done, we can take the time with the girls, to make cupcakes, enjoy birthdays and go camping.

Now we have done the deliveries, and the mag is out there, it's time to plan our next issue, and attempt to be better organised than previously. We can only try.

Kim x

The kitchen table piled with thaw parcels and birthday presents.

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  1. Hey Kim, hope you get to have some down time now that the fabulous summer issue is out. Quiet and calm, I'm going to try and get some of that in my life too! Ha! Well try anyway...Thanks so much for including me in your mag, I really liked the result. Lovely to see you and the craft gang last night, the green octopus (?) is languishing in my car xo