Thursday, September 17, 2009

Positive Posters

These guys have been in contact with us, as they thought we might be interested in what they are up to, and we could encourage people to get involved. They were right! Unfortunately their current comp will be done by the time we have our next issue out, so we can't do it via our mag, but I thought I would give them a shout out here.

"Positive Posters promotes positive thought in places that need it most. The idea is simple. What if we ask designers from all corners of the earth to submit poster designs that convey positive messages eg. world peace. to us and we pasted them up around the streets of Melbourne other major cities around the world ."

Check out their blog.



  1. Hope alls well...and you guys are enjoying Spring...Thanks for the heads up on this blog...what a fabuloso making a great contribution to the world around us...

  2. Thank Sylvia. Yeah, I thought it was pretty fabuloso ;-)